The most important aspect of project management is listening to you - It’s the best way to find the perfect solution for your needs. We’ll do everything we can to support communication of your project to key stakeholders, and keep everyone updated throughout the process.

The first thing we define is a full set of requirements, which helps us fit perfectly within your long term strategic plan. By understanding your business objectives, future plans and operational constraints, we can ensure that the space, function and location of your facilities are a perfect match for your needs.

Our site assessments and building audits are a great starting point for expansion, relocation and consolidation projects. These can be combined with technical assessments, e.g. Electrical, IT & Telecoms and Asset Surveys to ensure your move is as seamless as possible.

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The most telling proof of a good requirements set is the resulting buy-in from your stakeholders. We can support managers by implementing feedback loops to ensure that every requirement is catered for.

Effective resourcing is critical to the timely delivery of your project, and it’s our specialty. Once the requirements are clear and the path is set, our team of expert designers and installers can be brought to bear, minimising the impact on your business and ensuring a smooth transition. Where specialists are required, we’ll maintain regular and detailed communication to ensure that their needs are catered for. your needs.

By understanding your business, we can also help you to find the furniture which ticks every box. By creating a specification based on your branding, budget and ethos, our procurement team can dual or triple source to give you the best deal on exactly the furniture you want.





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